Pat Kulka

Krytyka Polityczna, Poland

Pat Kulka is a coordinator of socio-cultural and educational projects with broad experience in collaboration with cultural institutions (including the organisation of international artistic festivals) and long-term involvement in Polish and European NGOs. In Krytyka Polityczna, she coordinates academic activities (within the Institute for Advanced Studies and Critical University), international projects, as well as cultural projects. This includes activities implemented in the post-industrial district of Warsaw, Ursus, since 2014 (including ‘Factory. Ursus 2014’, ‘Draftmen’s Congress’ initiated by Paweł Althamer, or ‘Ursus. Walk in Time’ – a multimedia mobile application using augmented reality techniques) and all editions of the ‘Culture and Development’ Conference (in 2013, 2014 and 2017). She is also an anti-discrimination trainer, a human rights and animal rights activist, and a big defender of historical memory for the Polish Left.

My Sessions

Idea Development Methodology | closing session

Daoiz y Velarde | Cultural Center

Idea Development Methodology | March 2, late afternoon

Daoiz y Velarde | Cultural Center

Idea Development Methodology | Kick off

Daoiz y Velarde | Cultural Center

Idea Makers will work on their ideas, based on the methodology developed by Platoniq. The sessions will be moderated by the Idea Feeders and Facilitators, who will offer feedback on their ideas. Enabling participants to bring their ideas forward with an understanding of where their greatest opportunities and gaps are and expand on how their […]

Idea Development Methodology